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41 LinkedIn Statistics You Should Know

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An amazing platform with immense job opportunities – doesn’t that sound interesting? The journey of LinkedIn started many years ago, in 2002, maybe, LinkedIn can be described as one of the oldest social communications platforms. Also, for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn was chosen as the No.1 rated platform.

Unlike the other social media platforms, LinkedIn develops business connections, beneficial in your journey as a professional.

Many features like LinkedIn learning, responsive Linkedin versions, advanced job searches, and various attractive elements have added to the success of LinkedIn as an innovative platform.

Here are some statistical data that exclusively speaks about LinkedIn and certain facts that dig deep into the interesting features of the platform.

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LinkedIn Statistics in General

1. According to the reports as of July 2021, LinkedIn has made about 180 million users in the US.

The United States has been concentrating highly on professional job networking and its benefits, with the effective use of LinkedIn as its channel of communication.

Hence, the US stands as the country with the highest number of LinkedIn users in the world. India and China grab the consequent positions with about 78 million and 50 million users respectively.

2. The annual net revenue made by Linkedin in the year 2020, has reached 8.05 billion US Dollars.

LinkedIn has made a huge leap to conquer the market and boosted its business tremendously in the past three years.

In 2017, the annual revenue of Linkedin was only 2.271 billion US dollars, which saw a big increase to 6.754 billion US dollars in 2019. Now in the fiscal year 2020, this has reached a total revenue of 8.05 billion US dollars, which proves the incredible growth of the platform.

3. LinkedIn is the most expensive acquisition of Microsoft ever and was made in 2016.

LinkedIn was the best business networking platform since the technological changes have evolved. Microsoft has made history with many acquisitions, where the milestones were Skype in 2011 and Mojang in 2014.

However, the most expensive and worthy acquisition made by Microsoft ever was that of LinkedIn. Microsoft made it at a huge deal of 26.2 billion US dollars in 2016.

4. LinkedIn has more than 774 million members spread across 200 countries globally.

The users seamlessly make use of LinkedIn for their career benefits and connect with professionals. Across the globe, LinkedIn was able to make about 774 million people connecting and communicating with each other and getting benefits out of it. Above all, Linkedin is accepted by about 200 countries, considering the collaborative benefits with this social platform.

5. LinkedIn is available in 24 languages

LinkedIn is available in more than 200 countries, and also they have developed the platform to be available in various languages according to the user preferences.

You can get LinkedIn in 24 different languages like German, English, Romanian, Czech, traditional and simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Thai, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian, and Arabic.

6. There are 16,000 employees for Linkedin

LinkedIn has good employee strength across the globe. There are 16000 full-time employees who work for LinkedIn worldwide.  LinkedIn has also got 33 offices in various parts of the world.

7. Linkedin has offices in more than 30 cities worldwide.

There are more than 30 cities worldwide, with operating offices for LinkedIn. Being the largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn creates job opportunities online and also creates employment opportunities for people to work for the company from various parts of the globe.

8. Women represent about 42% of the company leadership of LinkedIn.

The working style at LinkedIn has been reported to be comfortable and gave a good experience to the women workforce as well.

Women contribute to about 42% of the company leadership. Also, in the last five years, Linkedin boosted women’s representation in technical leadership roles with a 79% upsurge in the volume.

9. Linkedin has an Annual operating income of 987 million dollars as of 2018.

LinkedIn incurs an annual operating income of about 987 million US dollars in the year 2018. This is an increase in spending when compared to the record of 2017. In 2017, this was 924 million US dollars. 

With this information about the operating losses made in the year 2018, it is clear that the amount spent over maintaining the business and its operations have increased to some extent.

10. Over 57 million companies have their pages on the LinkedIn platform.

With tie-ups, the urge to learn more, professional bonds, partnerships, and every kind of business relationship, LinkedIn is a platform that aims at creating the best experience for businesses. It is evident from these results, where more than 57 million companies have their pages on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Statistics on Usage

11. As of 2019, the main reason for the increased Linkedin usage in the US is to grow their professional network.

LinkedIn is largely used by people in the US with a mindset of building and improving their professional relationships.

About 84% of people say that they use LinkedIn to improve their professional network, while only 20% use it to follow certain brands and companies. 15% of the people say that they use LinkedIn to maintain contacts with their dear and near ones.

12. LinkedIn stands in the seventh position among the top 10 highly used social media platforms in the US.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn has shown tremendous growth in the users getting engaged and benefitted from the platform. About 22% of the total social network users use LinkedIn.

Facebook is the topmost used platform with 81% of people using it and the second position is grabbed by YouTube. LinkedIn and Reddit have an almost equal share of the percentage of users.

13. As per the survey of March 2021, about 17.1% of Android users use the LinkedIn app daily for job searches.

LinkedIn has helped many people to search and find jobs in their relevant sectors. The global network maintained in LinkedIn helps to attain professional relationships, which will help in the career. About 17.1% of Android device users actively do a job search through Linkedin every day.

14. There are about 48.5% of the LinkedIn app audience using LinkedIn actively on a monthly basis.

Even though not daily, many people use LinkedIn actively for building their profession and the job network. They actively follow job posts, companies, career-related announcements, and continuously make job applications across LinkedIn.

There are about 48.5% of the overall LinkedIn app users who use the platform every month without fail.

15. As of June 2021, the maximum desktop traffic for LinkedIn is recorded in the US.

LinkedIn is the best professional networking platform and undoubtedly has a responsive design. The desktop site of LinkedIn is also used by people all over the world.

About 31.98% of people who use the desktop website are from the US. Approximately 6.65% of people who use these sites are from the UK and 6.42% of them are from India.

16. LinkedIn members are 20x more likely to use videos and share videos in their posts.

Video has made an impression among LinkedIn users. According to the survey conducted by LinkedIn, it was found that among the LinkedIn users, the majority of them are 20X more likely to share the video content on their LinkedIn feed.

17. The click-through rates (CTR) for LinkedIn have increased by 25% in the year 2020.

The year 2020 saw a huge increase in CTR for LinkedIn. The audience was more likely to interact, share, follow up and take good action, by considering LinkedIn as the most effective platform for professional relationships.

18. As of 2021, the LinkedIn learning content recorded 1 million hours of the learning content watched every week.

LinkedIn Learning is the most versatile feature of LinkedIn. About 1 million hours of the content have been watched by people all over the world every week.

Video content is preferred largely by the LinkedIn audience, and LinkedIn was able to make the best experience with the help of quality videos from influencers and top businesses icons.

LinkedIn Statistics on Users

19. By 2025, it is expected that the total number of LinkedIn users across the globe would reach a record value of 1034.56 million.

This data is obtained by taking the demographical, technological, and other related factors into consideration. In 2017, the number of LinkedIn users was found to be 534.46 million. This had improved exponentially and shown a value of about 774.61 users worldwide in the year 2021.

And it is expected to take a good lead to 1034.56 million users across the globe by the year 2025. This proves the use of LinkedIn and its importance in creating the professional trademark and integrity with its capabilities to grow your business.

20. 56.9 % of the male users and 43.1% of the female users out of the overall social media audience worldwide are active LinkedIn users.

This clearly shows that male users make the most advantage out of LinkedIn. Out of the total male social media audience, about 68.1% of them get engaged in Twitter. This is followed by LinkedIn, where about 56.9% are actively using the LinkedIn platform.

Whereas, to the female social media audience, Snapchat is the favorite application with 56% of them engaged in it. This is followed by Instagram, Facebook, and then LinkedIn. 43.1% of female social media users use LinkedIn actively.

21. As of July 2021, 59.9% of LinkedIn users belong to the age group 25-34.

Young people are highly engaged in LinkedIn, and this isn’t surprising. Most people prefer LinkedIn for their professional purposes and maintaining professional relationships.

Hence about 59.9% of the overall users of LinkedIn are under the age category between 25 and 34. About 19.6 % of the Linkedin users are under the age category of 18-24, and about 17.5% of the Linkedin users fall under the category of  35-54.

22. Approximately 93% of LinkedIn users say that they use Smartphones to regularly access the platform.

LinkedIn is a platform used by professionals and young aged people mostly. And with the advancement of technology, more people have started to log in to the platform with their mobile phones. Almost 93% of the users prefer logging into the LinkedIn platform through their smartphones.

23. ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) of LinkedIn ranks seventh with 69 index points.

American Customer Satisfaction Index is a cross-industry measure used to give an independent benchmark for the customer satisfaction rates. According to ACSI, LinkedIn stands seventh in terms of customer satisfaction with 69 index points.

Pinterest is in the first place with a high score of 78 index points, followed by YouTube with 76, and Wikipedia with 73 points.

24. There are 51.5%  inactive LinkedIn users in the US as of 2021.

About half the LinkedIn users in the US are reported to be inactive in the platform as of the 2021 records. Although half of them are active, the increased amount of inactivity is also to be considered for LinkedIn marketing activities.

25. 5.7 % of the overall LinkedIn users belong to the heavy usage category while 35.1 % are light users in the US.

In the US, 5.7% of users are addicted to LinkedIn and make many benefits out of it. They actively search LinkedIn and contribute to the major share of people who use LinkedIn. Also, 35.1% of light users maintain a periodical check of Linkedin posts and features.

26. 64% of people use LinkedIn as the leading tool for a job search in the US

According to the findings as of 2020, the college seniors in the US use LinkedIn as their primary tool for job search. About 64% of the respondents said that they used LinkedIn for their job search purposes. Google shares the second position with nearly 64% of respondents favoring it.

LinkedIn Statistics on Advertising

27. Out of the marketers worldwide, about 81% of the B2B markets and 53% of the B2C marketers favour LinkedIn for their marketing purposes.

LinkedIn is trending and evolving as one of the best platforms that support and grow businesses irrespective of their size. LinkedIn is the favorite platform for B2B advertisers all over the world.

About 81% of the B2B advertisers prefer LinkedIn for their marketing activities. More than half of the B2C marketers also support LinkedIn to promote their businesses.

28. The advertising revenue made by Linkedin is 1.39 billion US Dollars.

As of 2019, LinkedIn could make about 1.39 billion US Dollars in revenue in one year. This makes Linkedin get into the third position in terms of the platforms making the best advertising revenue.

However, the first and second positions are grabbed by Facebook and Instagram respectively. Advertising through LinkedIn is beneficial since it grabs the attention of many businesses.

29. 35% of PR agency professionals believed that LinkedIn contributes most to effective PR communications.

As of the survey conducted in 2019 for the PR professionals, Linkedin was chosen by 35% of the respondents as the most effective contributor to effective Public relations and communications.

This made LinkedIn the fourth most favorite, while the top three positions were taken by YouTube, Instagram, and Google respectively.

30. American Samoa is the country with maximum ad audience reach for LinkedIn

Although the United States has the largest number of users worldwide for LinkedIn, this is not the case regarding the global reach. American Samoa stands on the top list, with about 103% audience reach for LinkedIn.

The second position is close to the first with 102% and goes for Bermuda. The US has only the seventh position in terms of audience reach for LinkedIn.

31. As of 2021, 50.3% of marketers in the US use LinkedIn for their marketing purposes.

LinkedIn is also used by marketers and advertisers for their marketing campaigns and promotional events. This is very useful since it has selected professional communities and a large number of companies engaged in professional networking.

About 50.3% of the overall marketers use this platform for their active marketing campaigns. It has surpassed the initial record of 46.3% as of 2017.

32. As per the marketing experts, it is found that Sponsored posts are the most effective forms of advertisements on LinkedIn.

Linkedin has emerged as one of the best platforms for advertising and marketing. Recent studies have shown that the Sponsored posts have achieved more recognition when all the advertisement forms on Linkedin are compared.

Sponsored posts contribute to 29% of the total share in the effective advertisements and this is followed by Lead generation ads with 19% and sponsored in Mail ads with 5% contribution respectively.

33. About 54% of marketers say that they have made plans to increase the usage of LinkedIn for their marketing purpose.

As of the survey conducted in 2021, about 54% of marketers have expressed that they have plans to increase their LinkedIn usage for making promotional and marketing activities. However, 25% of them have expressed that they would use LinkedIn in the same way they were using at the present.

34. Approximately, 18% of marketers don’t wish to use LinkedIn for any of their marketing activities.

About 18% of marketers are not interested in using LinkedIn in any of their marketing activities. However, 82% of businesses believe that marketing through LinkedIn has helped them to grow and boost their businesses.

35. With LinkedIn ads, the brands saw about 33% growth in purchase intent.

The ad exposure in Linkedin has given opportunities for businesses to thrive. The businesses said that they saw a 33% increase in purchase behavior as a result of the LinkedIn ads. Using LinkedIn, there are about 2X higher rates of conversions as per the responses from marketers.

36. Roughly 15% of marketers are creating content for LinkedIn.

About 15% of the businesses engage in creating fresh content for LinkedIn posts. While Active content creators are fewer, there is a large number of consumers available on LinkedIn. Moreover, people are engaged in resharing the existing content and sharing the videos.

LinkedIn Statistics on Jobs

37. Every second, 81 job applications are submitted on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the largest professional networking platforms. Every second, about 81 job applications are made through LinkedIn by the applicants. There are many opportunities available in the platform spread across various industries.

38. Every month, the number of job applications submitted via Linkedin counts to more than 210 million.

More than 210 million job applications are submitted through LinkedIn every month. With jobs being a major concern, it has become easy to browse and find job opportunities in relevant areas with the help of LinkedIn searches.

39. With the Open To Work profile photo frame, more than 8 million people are getting benefitted.

The ‘open to work’ photo frame was the biggest breakthrough when LinkedIn is concerned. This photo frame has helped about 8 million people to get recognized and got benefited from good job opportunities.

The major benefit is the company getting into such profiles and identifying the relevant qualified professionals suitable for their industrial needs.

40. Every week, about 40 million people use Linkedin for their job search.

About 40 million people use LinkedIn for the purpose of job search every week. Job updates are available on LinkedIn every second, since companies all over the world post their requirements, and hunt for their future employees. This way, people follow LinkedIn and search for relevant opportunities actively.

41. 4 people are hired every week on LinkedIn.

It is not only about the job searches and the submissions. LinkedIn has also made a record with at least 4 people hired every week with its features. This clearly states that the applications through LinkedIn are considered and people get hired with their qualities and the features portrayed in their LinkedIn profile.


Don’t these facts make Linkedin the most reliable and credible professional platform across the world? LinkedIn is secure and informative at the same time. The above statistics show that LinkedIn has influenced a large part of Social media users and created an urge in maintaining a professional network.

This has turned out to be advantageous to many businesses regardless of their size. Businesses have realized how effective LinkedIn marketing is. So, it is obviously the best platform you can use to connect, engage, and get benefitted the most.

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