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31 Profitable PPC Stats

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Gone are the days when ads used to be terrible to the users. Advertisers come with hidden strategies that make ads fun and interesting.

PPC ads have been trending since they actually speak to the point and don’t bore the users with unwanted information.

The major advantage of PPC (pay per click) advertising is that they bring you only relevant results based on your searches and what you actually want to find.

It is called the “Pay Per Click” method because the company needs to pay the amount to the provider only when the user clicks on the ad to open it.

Here are some major interesting PPC stats that have proved the power of PPC advertisements for business growth.

PPC Marketing stats


1. In 2017, more than 7 million marketers had invested $10.01 billion in aggregate for PPC advertising campaigns. (Social Media Today)

This means that the PPC advertisements have been very profitable to individuals and firms.

2. PPC exists as one among the top three contributors of on-page conversion rates. (Formstack)

Every business focuses on On-page conversion which refers to the total volume of people who make a purchase or get converted, in percentage.

Apart from the 18% contribution of email marketing and 24% on-page conversion for the website, PPC is the top contributor with 17%.

3. Compared to organic advertising, the PPC brings 50% additional conversion rates with the traffic yielded. (Moz)

Once we closely look into the stats, it is evident that PPC is the best means to drive conversions when compared to the organic means of advertisements.

4. PPC is highly advantageous to the business according to 79% of the marketers. (Hanapin Marketing)

The PPC report of 2019 states that the majority of advertisers believe that PPC campaigns boosted their businesses.

5. 62% of the marketers said that they will be increasing their budgets for the PPC campaigns for the next year. (Hanapin Marketing)

The results of PPC campaigns were beyond expectations. And due to the overwhelming results, they wanted to invest in PPC for the upcoming years too.

6.  97% of the end-users search the internet to find local businesses. (BrightLocal)

This data is enough to show the importance of the internet to find local listings.

Since everybody uses the internet to find the business nearby, your PPC ads can create more conversion rates.

7. While making purchases,  about 65% of the customers click on the ads. (WordLead)

Some keywords such as a shop,  buy,  check out can drive more customers to make purchases.

This way,  they click on the ads to shop for their favorites. 

8. About 40% of businesses wish to move into bigger PPC budgets. (Social Media Today)

Since businesses have started to realize the worth of PPC advertising, they are moving more into them.

Hence, they decided to invest more than what they used to invest before on PPC.

9. About 25.8% of internet users worldwide were using ad blockers. (Statista)

Although this is the global rate, it is still at a slow pace. The majority of the people are not generally aware of the ad blockers and also don’t bother to install them.

10. There are only 1% of consumers who have a negative perspective towards the PPC advertisement. (Marketing Expertus)

This is enough to prove the trend and the value that PPC ads possess among businesses. Businesses highly prefer PPC campaigns for conversions and more leads.

11. 7% of overall Internet users were against online ads in 2017, which dropped to 1% in 2018. (Innermedia)

People consider ads more nowadays when compared to earlier. The drop rate from 7 to 1% shows that the attitude towards PPC ads is continuously changing.

12. By 2022, the total amount spent on search ads is estimated to reach $137 billion. (Statista)

Companies are spending more and more on search ads to improve their conversion rates. From 106.5 billion dollars, still, the amount spent on PPC ads is tremendously increasing.

13. Approximately 52% of online shoppers who click on or view PPC ads call that advertiser right after browsing. (CleverClicks)

This shows the relevance of the PPC ads and their effect on convincing the customer to immediately enquire about the product/service.

14. Approximately 27% of people will use ad blockers by the end of 2021. (Statista)

According to the PPC stats as of 2021, about 26.4% of users made use of ad blockers.

This is expected to reach 27% by the end of 2021. Still, this is slow growth, and will not affect the PPC campaigns in the near future. 

PPC Ad Statistics 


15. As of 2020, an average Facebook user is bound to click on 11 ads every month. (Website Builder).

This means that there is more scope for the PPC ads when placed in Social media like Facebook, for them to access and initiate the purchase.

16. More than half of the small business ventures invest in PPC to grow their business. (RankBoss)

PPC is the best way to create brand awareness and enable conversions.

Also, it is encouraging to know that about 65% of small to mid-sized companies have actively started investing in PPC ads.

17. Display advertising drives 300% more engagement to a site. (Creative Website Marketing)

Hence, display advertising, or banner advertising, can grab the attention of users and build more conversion rates when compared to text and picture ads.

18. PPC advertising brings 50% extra conversion rates compared to organic advertising. (WordLead)

It is clear that  PPC is more effective in creating conversions when compared to organic advertising or SEO methods.

19. For 75% of the people they click on ads to find an answer to their queries. (Clutch)

Hence, the main aim should be to make content with relevant answers to the customer’s questions.

This way, people find them more useful and will click without a second thought.

20. Half of the users click on the text ads. (SearchEngineLand)

More than 49% of the users will click on the text ads,  whereas about 31% usually click on the shopping ads.

16% of the shoppers would mind clicking on video ads. 

PPC Statistics on Mobile Ads


21. About half the paid clicks are made through mobile devices. (RankBoss). 

50% of the total paid clicks are made with the help of mobile devices,  and hence optimizing the advertisements for mobile is important to successfully run the PPC ads. 

22. Above 90% of the mobile users click on the initial result displayed. (Search Engine Land)

More mobile users are likely to opt for the PPC ads since they appear on the top of the search results.  

23. At least 70% of the total paid search impressions are made on mobile devices. (DigitalThirdCoast)

Mobile devices make up a greater number of search impressions compared to the other devices.

This is a good result for the efforts of the advertisers. 

24. About 15% of smartphone users in the US use Adblockers. (Statista)

67% of the mobile users know that such software exists but didn’t install it,  whereas 18% don’t even know that there are tools that make ads disappear.

PPC Statistics on Google Ads


25. As of September 2019, the global search engine market share of Google evaluates at 91.86%. (Statcounter)

Google is the versatile and highly popular search engine used for PPC advertising, and the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo contribute to only less than 3% share.

26. With Google Ads, Google could make $146.92 billion as of 2020. (Statista)

Users pay a fixed amount to the Google platform to display their ads on search engines. Google ads were able to make huge profits since businesses found advertising through Google ads worthy for their business growth.

27. Through 2 million websites, Google Ads was able to reach 90% of internet users. (Google)

The banner ads powered by Google Ads Display Network could make outstanding growth through PPC campaigns.

28. For every $1 you invest in PPC, you yield a return of $2. (WordLead)

This means you get 200% ROI, which explains the worth of having PPC ads for your businesses.

29. About 50% of the internet users across the UK were not able to differentiate organic results and paid ads. (Ofcom)

About half of the participants in the survey conducted by Ofcom, could not find differences between the organic results and paid ads.

30. There is a 50% more chance of purchase among the users who click on PPC when compared to those who visit websites by organic means. (Moz)

Not only clicks paid ads also helps to enable conversions. This is why businesses invest more in PPC ads.

31. The average CTR for Google ads calculates to 3.17%. (WordStream)

Click-Through-Rate refers to the users who click on a particular link and tells us the effectiveness of ads.

For search ads, 3.17% is highly impressive. 


The marketing techniques keep evolving and it is difficult to keep up with these changes. However, tactical advertising strategies can help you to be successful in growing your business.

Hence, the above statistics can give you a clear idea about the effect of PPC ads on businesses. 

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