24Sep 2019

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Increase Your Rankings

On-page SEO is mainly done on the website, that too mainly on each page. Every page is must have a search engine, that can have a better understanding of the page. And also it makes a better ranking! So let’s discuss the 13 common On-page SEO mistakes to avoid for your Rankings. 

A lot of About Content

In that content duplication, long stretched content, etc. From our experience, we can tell that content must be unique & creative. You may do rephrase them from another blog but that won’t work for long term run!. So the thing is that it should be something unique!

In fact, when we put the researched contents, that are fresh to the field of the blog, we witnessed that the ranking has boosted a lot. So the google is considering and recognizing the content and giving value to the fresh content. So you can start making the fresh content. Content depends on depth, not length. Don’t focus on blog publishing daily, you need to go with random days/weeks.

Optimize the Keyword

Make sure you optimize the keywords properly. You need to optimize once you publish the content. Don’t make a burden to the content writer by giving them the keywords, because that may be in a hurry that the keyword added sentence will be not a good or structured one!. Make sure that you need to do the optimization properly.

About Putting External Link

People fear about putting an external link to the other website. Most of the time it will be with your competitor itself! As per the experience and studies show that the page which links to the other pages gets more values. An outbound link is something important. If you research something by reference with another blog google will consider and allow you to put that content. Instead of the sake of doing like connecting the blog to Wikipedia, You need to link them to the perfect blog among the best ones. Even if it is your competitor please don’t hesitate. When it comes to the Internal link. It is something a better one compare to an external link. In fact, we do forget about the links that we need to give. Or you should concentrate on it.


The content should be of a 14-pixel size. So that people can read the content on Mobile phones. It can be touchable. People show that the time they get on mobile phones is higher when compared to the system. So the content should be accurate and short. Each second is an attention period to them. 

mobile content size

Embedding Option 

You can use the embodying option. You need to mix the content with images, audio or videos,  etc.

video embedding code

If we add this video embed code, it should come like this as in below.


SEO Strategy

About Affiliated Content

If you are writing an affiliated blog or content, you are linking back to an affiliate page where you are getting some point of profit all you need is to focus that the link should be a no-follow. If we change all the do-follow link to no-follow link the traffic is an increase.

Optimization of Images

If you are loading the image where you have got plenty in number, that will result in loading time. All you need is to optimize the image and compress it then only you need to upload them. Doing this optimization can reduce the loading time. For example, for audience retention, you need lots of images, we can get them over there.

Broken Links

The broken links or the links once it was there on the web, now it is not available. That page is not existing and you are linking back to that. You have to go through internal links as well as the external links. And you have to make sure that it is not a broken link. You can check the 404 pages if there is an error. There are many extension links to check the external links.

Heading Tags

This is something important. Heading tags are must like one H1 is compulsory for a page.

But other than H1, there are H1, H2, H3, etc up to H6 are there. From our personal experience, we find out that one of our customers is having a mix up with Heading tags usage. They put the same types of keywords in H1, H2, H3, and H4. What happens is that they got punishment from google. That affects their google ranking. All we have done is that we fixed that error and ranking have got increased. When it comes to the title of the wordpress the heading will always be the H1.

Image Recognition

You have to check the profile carefully that image recognition is something important. Google won’t get understand the images that you published they check the Alt text of it and get recognized. They check the attributes of them and deal with it. You need to focus the keyword for it with the combination of the picture for which what actually the picture defines. Readers can easily get to know what that article is about by seeing the images themselves

Title Tag Issue

We may notice that many of the topic titles are of similar or like exactly same. That creates the Google confusion that tit has difficulty to search and find out the exact content that suits the reader needs. That creates an issue. You should focus on this session about the title and what the body part is needed. All you need here is the uniqueness.

Low Text to HTML Ratio

Here the problem is that the HTML coder has done more coding than your content that creates some issues. The Text ratio should be always higher than the coding ratio. The reason comes from the messing up of the coding area or the content issue on your page. You need to fix such errors carefully. 

Temporary Redirection

This is something important. There 2 types of re-direction

  • 301- The permanent one: Here the Google understands the error is in Permanent state
  • 302- The Temporary one: Google understands you are still with a temporary state.

And the new link is for a certain time. They are indexing new pages in Google by always keeping the old one there itself. In the long run, it will give you a bad impression. It is not relevant. So all the time you should keep in mind that it should be in 310 that is a permanent state. Since it gives a good impression as well as it is best for the long run. All the turns to your redirection should be in 310 ie, in a permanent state.

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