21Oct 2017

Top reasons why startups need a website

Folks!!!Be genuine. What would be the first thing you look for if you hear about a business startup? 90% of you may answer it as “official website”, isn’t it? In this digital dominating world, a business is lost if it doesn’t have a website and it is the most frequent question now, “Does my startup really need a website”?

It is much simpler to answer this question; yes your startup definitely needs a website as it drives more customers. How can we say in a diplomatic way? This is not the echo of everyone as we are living in the computerized world, but all these are proven facts based on the census. Out of 2.42 billion users of internet per day, 2.18 billion have searched for something to buy online, 0.96 billion users have purchased in last month, more than 1.78 billion might check up your new business before ending up in a business with you, 1.24 billion users expect their half buy to be completed by next year.

So just imagine how important to start a website for your business based on these facts.

1. Pull your ideas into action

Pull your ideas into action

Unlike the conventional method of starting up a business without a website, a startup with a website helps you to know the response of your potential customers towards your service, products or latest idea. The first and foremost thing a customer checks is your website, so make it all attractive with your creativity or just approach someone who can really help you in this. Once finances are in place, employees are fixed for work and there you go is to spread the word. Showcasing your ideas doesn’t mean than you focus all your budget and time in selling online. Instead you can actively trade from your store-front but having a website will drive business partners, potential customers, employees for your future business.

2. Markets your products than ever before

Marketing is an important tool for every business, but it is inevitable for startups. As said earlier about the approximate number of users who depend on internet, it is also been noted and publicized how business must include SEO, SMO and email marketing to their marketing strategies. Anyhow, before reaching in front of your customers, you must have something to market before them to drive potential customers and clients to website. It won’t be exaggerating if we say even big deals of business has signed contract just through a website and their new ideas into actions. Make it yours next!!

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3. Increases your brand visibility and awareness

 Increases your brand visibility and awareness

A business website is an online shop front to show your brand among new customers and all that what you provide and offer. Marketing ideas and results are driven in same manner as in conventional marketing but instead of people walking to you store, they are browsing web and they stumble upon your website. Having a website will promote your organization less expensive. Many offline advertisements are free sometimes.

4. Improved SEO rankings-Improved sales

It is not just a website that drives potential customers but the search engine rankings that makes it the most. Having a good SEO service provider to boost website ranking in search engine results can result in quick and increased sales and higher profits. As time is one of the factors that rule us, a website which is not responsive will never be the best sales driver among internet users even if it is through traditional means. A website that supports multi-device users with a proper SEO on it can doubly increase your ROI within no time.

5. Satisfaction through increased customers

Satisfaction through increased customers

Choosing your marketing strategies through a website will be the perfect choice if you need more   customers and leads. Website makes it easy to purchase or avail a service from you. Many will be simply inspecting what you offer rather than buying in the first go. It is better if they don’t have to ask anything. They can find it in your online store and if it satisfies them, they will turn to be your customers. Increased customers have increased popularity as a website takes your brand not among locales but worldwide.


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6. Accessibility

Being startup you main objective will be to drive sales by working hard day and night. But, if you have a website, your job is half done as it has any time accessibility without a closing time and can be visited at any time. People will see through website instead of going to shop more as it is more accessible. All you need to do is to update about products and services. You can even track on whatever is happening on your website. You will have a clear idea on how many people visited your site, how many messaged you or emailed you. Without any expense like a printed material, you can even update your new thoughts anytime.


7. Website builds relationships

Website builds relationships

A website can build better relationships with your customers. You can respond to your customer’s messages and emails instantly and they can review your products online and provide feedback to your business. Sending messages will build a good relationship and you can update them with more information on your business. More visitors to a website can lead to more sales. That’s how your website helps you. Update and promote contents on your site and customers will come to you. The more informative content on website, the more sales!!

8. Credibility through website

Even though every business needs a website, it is vital for a startup business as it is the opportunity to prove the credibility. It is customers’ trust through your website makes it a big challenge of success. If you could win it you can earn positive feedback on your products and services.

9. Long term clients

 Long term clients

For every business to be successful, it is not the customers who buy for onetime and never visits again. But it is the client who is a regular customer makes it successful. Long term clients are an organizations’ support and evidence that the company is quite running smoothly.

May be as a startup you lack clients or customers. It is not the reflection of your business, instead they are not aware of your existence. Let’s see in a nutshell why websites are important for a startup:

  • Let people know about your business, who you are and what you do?
  • Website is the only place where they can get recent updates on products, offers and services at any time any place.
  • Website reflects a company and in turn reflects a business. A startup with professional website can be as much successful as larger company.
  • It is a blank paper where you can show your credibility, brand awareness and to showcase your seriousness on your business.

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Well!! So now you have decided to own a website. But make sure your website is unique and reflects your business objectives, it must be responsive, fully branded with your logo and colors, informative, creative and engaging, frequently updated with news and promo offers etc.

Websites are future business and with more people heading online even the smallest ventures are the biggest players. It is the foundation of all digital marketing to create strong and sturdy marketing strategies.

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Rithesh Raghavan

Rithesh Raghavan, Co-Founder, and Director at Acodez IT Solutions, who has a rich experience of 16+ years in IT & Digital Marketing. Between his busy schedule, whenever he finds the time he writes up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development. All thanks to his master brain behind the gleaming success of Acodez.

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  1. Corey

    Interesting blog about why startup needs website.Good information given about it.Thanks for sharing the blog.

  2. Naveen Kumar

    A very good blog post which clearly specifies the importance of having a business website for the startups. Only if you have a good website you can market your products or services online by means of which you can bring the ROI for your business.

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