28Jan 2021

9 Web Security Tools To Identify Vulnerabilities

Web security is one of the most trending discussions in the world of IT. Today, there are hundreds to thousands of web vulnerabilities that are affecting internet users. People usually pay more attention to the design of websites, SEO, content creation, and storage, et al. but underestimate the value of web security. Anyone who has suffered web attacks in one way understands vividly that web security must be valued more than anything else. There have been questions about how to scan for web security and vulnerabilities associated with mobile applications.

Top Web Security Tools

This article discusses the various tools that allow website scanning to identify vulnerabilities, viruses, and internet threats. They include SUCURI, Qualys, Quttera, UpGuard, SiteGuarding, Observatory, Detectify, Tinfoil Security, Web Cookies Scanner, and Pentest Tools among others.


Top Web Security Tools To Identify Vulnerabilities

This tool performs various web security activities such as: identifying security issues, remediating security issues, configuration for continued inspection, deployment of protection platforms, configuring performance optimization, et al. SUCURI is used to identify malware and malicious software and their impacts in websites. Immediately a website owner requests for malware scan on their website, the SUCURI website security experts scan through the servers to collect and analyze the information. The details of the environment and the possible warnings are submitted to security analysts to determine the possible indicator of the compromise. SUCURI helps to clear and return hacked websites enabling website owners to recover their valuable assets. SUCURI removes and repairs virus infection, examines the integrity of websites, clears the blacklist warnings from the website, repairs reputation problems in the search engine, and advises website owners on the best available security updates. Moreover, SUCURI assists in combating virus infections, bots, and scanners. It is regarded as a military-grade defensive solution as it can block DDoS attacks, protect websites against brute force attacks, prevent hacking, and prevent malware infection.


Top Web Security Tools To Identify Vulnerabilities

This is a commercial vulnerability and website scanner. Qualys is proactively applied for location, detection, and examination of vulnerabilities to prioritize and correct them before cyber-attackers can exploit them. It is centered on web application vulnerabilities like industry-standard open web application security project top 10. It can detect vulnerabilities like SQL injections, XSS, CSRF and URL redirections. System scanning using Qualys is conducted over the network; there is no need of installing software to use this application. Anyone interested to run their own custom scans to produce their own custom reports can ask for a Qualys account. Vulnerability scanning in a system requires the inclusion of an IP address of the machine or the network.


It’s a web scanning tool and also an antimalware. It offers a website security solution for all businesses, irrespective of their sizes. The Quttera development team has designed software, tools, scanning technologies, and virus removal with the simplicity of application without harming functionality. This web scanning tool offers corporate-strength security against the increasingly evolving malware such as Trojans, spyware, and even phishing attacks. Quttera is a patented web solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to identify anomalies and previously undetected malware. Quttera is used to scan malicious JavaScript exploits, malformed PDFs, as well as iFrames. This tool is simple to apply and it downloads URL content without distorting the information and transfers it to a remote server where it is scanned file-by-file, presenting to the user a detailed report with relevant information. In recent years, this tool has become a global leader in offering security tips to website owners and systems that are vulnerable to hacking.

UpGuard Web Scan

It’s straightforward, yet a very fast web scanning tool capable of testing against more than forty separate vulnerabilities. One major feature of this website scanner is its ease of application. The tool is provided with an URL to scan websites, servers, networks, and online applications for symptoms of phishing, XSS attacks, or any form of malicious attack. The tool eliminates both first and third-party cyber-attacks using security ratings and data leak detection. After a scan has been completed, the website owner is provided with a cyber-security rating accompanied by an extension details about each vulnerability identified in the system. The tool is offered free and anyone experiencing security issues with their website can go to this link. When they open the page, they will be requested to enter their website URL and they’ll be offered a free risk assessment. UpGuard web scan tool prevents security breaches, helps website owners to prevent regulatory penalties, and uphold your trust with customers.


SiteGuarding web tool protects websites against viruses and hacking exploits. This site guarding security tool offers simple and effective techniques for protecting customers’ information and identity. The tool comes with the latest security features as the world of cyber-security keeps evolving every day. A team of experts releases new security updates once a new threat is reported in the industry. They clean websites manually to get accurate results. SiteGuarding web scanner can identify backdoors, rootkits, internet worms, website anomalies, phishing threats, hidden iFrames, website defacements, htaccess, fraud tools, spyware, redirections, and adware among other malicious contents. The main features of SiteGuarding web scanner include:

  • Deep scanning capability for all files on the website
  • Constant updating of malware database
  • Heuristic logic
  • Quarantine and virus removal
  • Giving notifications and alerts in the administrator area
  • The Daily cron capability
  • Can identify a broad list of different malware types
  • Viewing security reports on the web

Mozilla Observatory

The web scanning tool is highly effective and offered free to website owners. The tool comes in four main categories: TLS observatory, SSH observatory, HTTP observatory, and 3rd party testing. Out of the four, only the SSH scanner requires manual initiation; the other three will commence scanning automatically once the scan is activated. After the completion of a scanning process, the tool generates a report with recommendation of how to handle specific areas in the website, how the security of the website can be improved, tells the website owner the test they have passed, and uncovers the possible vulnerabilities that are affecting the system as at the moment. The tool generates a score describing the security state of the website that enables them to understand their next steps. It is simple to scan your website using Mozilla Observatory scanning by opening this link. After it opens, you will be asked to enter the URL of your site and results will be provided for you.

Web Cookies Scanner

The web cookies scanner crawls through the website to identify trackers and malicious events that compromise with people’s privacy. The cookie bot scanner is regarded as a web security solution that also facilitates compliance issues. The web cookies scanner identifies all sorts of cookies and trackers without selection and has become a de facto industry-standard for securing people’s privacy. There are various types of cookies: necessary cookies, preference cookies, statistics cookies, marketing cookies, et al. Necessary cookies are meant to serve the website’s fundamental functions and ensure that they operate as required. The preference cookies are meant to remember the user selection of language, login information, or currency settings to enable an optimal user experience. The statistic cookies keep track of the user activities and gather various data about their internet behavior. The marketing cookies gather information from third-party organizations. The web cookies scanner exploits and exhausts technical probable options on the website through simulated user interactions.


Top Web Security Tools To Identify Vulnerabilities

The web tool is a vulnerability scanner that enables web developers, business owners as well as InfoSec people to scan for over a thousand vulnerabilities at once. The tool is SaaS-based, implying that a monthly fee is required to have access to it. The Detectify tool developers have unveiled three distinct packages that business owners can subscribe to starter package, professional package, and enterprise package. Features that you will get upon logging in to this online security solution include enhanced integration with API, the capability to export vulnerability details, as well as 2-factor authentication. The scanner crawls through the website and analyzes the data, and it generates an extensive report listing all the sorts of vulnerabilities and their severity to the website. This information can help website owners to bolster their sites.

Tinfoil Security

This web security tool allows website owners to scan through their websites to identify potential vulnerabilities. There is a free trial version of this security solution and a paid version that comprises of three separate packages: starter package, professional package, and enterprise package. The starter packages allow website owners to scan close to 500 pages at an instance. At the beginning of the scan, it will identify the top 10 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) vulnerabilities. After this step, the possible security breaches can be identified. Although this tool is sometimes regarded to be slow, it is effective and can detect vulnerabilities hidden in servers, computer networks, or even program codes.

Pentest Web Server Scanner

Top Web Security Tools To Identify Vulnerabilities

It enables scanning of the website against all sorts of vulnerabilities. A guest can register to obtain a light scan for their website before moving to create a pro-account. The pentest pro account grants users access to deep scanning. To give it a try, you can click on this link. After it opens, you will be asked to enter the URL of your site and you can perform a light vulnerability scan.


While these tools assist you to crawl through your website and scan it to detect malware, suspicious activities, they should as well be scheduled for security scans.

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