20Oct 2017

6 Cold Hard Truths About Digital Marketing

If you have a feel like all the things in the digital marketing moves faster than other medium, then it is the truth and you are witnessing them in front of your eyes. When it comes to digital marketing, a thought process runs behind creating it with a concept and there are many cold hard truths that everyone must know about it. The following are the six cold hard truths that everyone must know about digital marketing.

1. It’s all about making an impression

Everyone in this generation would use both social media and digital marketing to improve their sales and it can be done in a short period of time. This is why every business person create such content and spends more investment to reach with people through the social media. It is all about the impression that will bring more people to choose your product.

2. Strike with a good consistency

You should always maintain a balance even if the posts in the social media are down. You should provide advices and keep the people watching your posts through the stories that you would share with them. The advices can let the people know that you are an expert in your own field. Add some good headlines and images with your advices, so that people will never get bored while reading them, else they would turn down the post. If people find your posts interesting, then they will share the post with everyone in their circle.

3. Business friendship

People in this generation would never make way to sell them or get bombarded with any kind of promotions and this is where a friendly approach is needed to reach with them. The people would make their decisions on their own and they would look for companies that have been staying up with a good name and like a good friend. You should be ready to answer any kind of questions from the customers and stay helpful for them to build a business friendship with them.

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4. A plan can save your time

If you have a plan to market your company, then you are about to win the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Everyone would spend some time every day to browse through their social networking accounts and share things which they found attractive and informative. Keep posting on the social networking websites, so that people would share them with their friends. All you need to do is plan your posts and keep thinking right to stay with the people.

5. Audience point of view

The audience is the biggest plus in digital marketing and you should do many things to keep them stay with your company. You should answer their questions frequently and provide them some tips that can make your company reach with many people. Create some useful resources that your audience would share on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

6. Set everything properly

Everything should be done perfectly to reach with many people. Use the best profile pictures, banners and background images with good spacing between them. The image quality should be a quality and an attractive one.

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Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar

Vipin Nayar is the Digital Marketing Head at Acodez. As a Social Media, SEO & SEM expert with over 8 years' experience in online marketing, he uses his keen insight into customer behaviour to formulate innovative strategies that helps clients enhance their online presence & open up new business avenues.

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