16Apr 2019

How Data Science is Transforming Web Development

The world of web is evolving every day with the evolution of new technologies. Thanks to the technology experts and professionals working tirelessly to offer uniqueness and newness to the consumer base. Slowly, a lot of changes started popping up. And finally, we reached the web of data. Yes, we are talking about data – big data – how it is changing everything around us.

As you might be aware, a number of new technologies have been initiated – some of them are here, some of them were used for a while and then these disappeared, while there are those that were never used after being launched. We are going to discuss one such aspect of the web that has stayed here for quite a while after its emergence and is expected to stay longer and maybe forever.

Internet of Things

We have witnessed the awesomeness of the internet of things (IoT) – the extended internet connectivity through physical devices and daily objects. When collaborated with electronics, internet connectivity and a variety of hardware, these devices become capable of interacting with others on the internet – a kind of networking – enabling remote monitoring and controlling.

And it is essential that we mention smartphones and Android devices here. These devices have also contributed to the expansion of connectivity across the web – bringing data beyond reach! A lot of data is being produced over the web every day. With this data, we are augmenting the real and augmented world around us. This data comes from various niches, including the IT, finance, fashion, health care, travel, and tourism industry, marketing, and others.

So now, it is time that we started thinking in terms of strategies that are data inclusive. This is where data science comes into the bigger picture. Before we find out how data science is changing web technology, it is important to take a look at what exactly is data science.

What is Data Science?

Data science is usually referred to as an interdisciplinary collaboration of technology, data interference, and algorithm development. This convergence of all the three is used to solve problems that are analytically complicated.

Data Forms the Base for All

There are heaps of raw information that is readily streaming and stored within enterprise data warehouses. To learn more about it through the process of data mining. This data can be subjected to good use by fusing it with advanced technologies which give rise to possibilities we never thought of. Ultimately, we use data science to add value to our business. Data science is transforming the way businesses operate digitally.

Data science has been gaining popularity recently as it helps in retrieving insights from bulk amounts of data acquired from various sources – increasing data reliability. And this is where we see a number of job opportunities popping up in the field of data science.

Increasing Demand for Data Scientists

Increasing demand for data scientists

More number of expert data science professionals are now needed to control and manage the large datasets. If you are interested in data, then this is the right career option for you. Take the cue and grab the skills for becoming a data scientist or a web developer with skills in data science. You can find a number of online courses in data science, which will help you hone your skills as a data science expert in web technology.

Impact of Data Science on Web Technology

Web development is undergoing a remarkable change, which is further contributed by the evolution of data science. A number of web apps are being created using data science – some of these are built after surveys and researches regarding user needs and desires. Incorporating user needs based on their requirements obtained from a survey – might not help each and every user within the target audience group.

Data Science Rewrites History

The zettabytes of data that is brought to us by the internet of things are helping us to take care of every user within our target audience. Thanks to the bandwidth that the internet offers now as it helps to get hold of an unparalleled swish of data relevant to users based on their preferences, needs, and expectations, which is ultimately turned into insights that work wonders in the web technology used to create apps.

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, a number of web development companies are rewriting the existing paradigms of the web – implementing data and their findings into apps – starting from the scratch (at the design phase till the end of the project development cycle). Now, companies can utilize this to save time, costs and resources as you have a clear picture of your audiences’ preferences and expectations.

Data Science for Web Development

Data science for web development

Data science has had a great influence on each section of the web. Web development is the most affected of all. All these years, as we already discussed, web development was closely dependent on surveys, focus groups’ feedbacks and assumptions. But with the emergence of data science, web development is changing. Developers now have access to data that is actionable and reliable helping them understand better about consumer behavior, preferences of customers and market trends.

Now, you can with ease, optimize web apps to meet customer needs.

How Data Science is Transforming Web Development

1. Challenge on Web Developers

How do web developers face the challenge that is bearing upon their jobs?

We have been hearing for some time now that web developers’ jobs are at stake with the evolution of a number of tools that provide development solutions with just a click of the mouse. There are a number of people with the same skill sets. So when people with the same skill sets are in abundance, they need to fear of losing their jobs.

How can this be overcome?

By accumulating newer skillsets can they overcome this challenge that might cost them their jobs. However, the fact is that we will soon witness a situation where the demand for programmers and coders is increasing if they have upgraded their expertise with data analytics and data science.  

Coding is, of course, an important part of web development. But with data science, there is more to web development – as it would require more data structuring, cleaning data, data creation and to feed in algorithms that it can impart.

Acquiring new skillsets

Acquiring new skillsets

The skillsets required for data scientists in web development would be different from that in object-oriented programming. Python scripting is gaining prominence. Now, machines would have the code with them while the need is for developers who can merge these code snippets with relevant data to provide actionable insights.

2. Customization is Improved

We already have a number of apps that have back up from AI and ML. These apps are genuine assistants helping people with numerous tasks. The best examples include Siri, Alexa, and others, which can be used for various requirements.

Many of the giants, such as Amazon and Netflix – are providing recommendation engines – which can be extended to accommodate other web apps, which can be used to personalize responses.

You might have noticed that the latest versions of iPhone and some of the latest versions of Android devices carry pre-built AI capabilities.

3. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance

Certain web apps are specifically designed to save user preferences in the memory and then let them start from where they left off, without having to start from scratch – which helps save time and resources. With AI, all the patterns, behavior – such as spending habits, time usage along with their lifestyle. Once you buckle up the numbers of the experiences shared earlier – you can offer customized services to your clients – giving them a chance to zero upon choices.

With these apps, you now have intelligent databases, private assistants or smart repositories. There are certain apps that provide you with reminders for vital tasks while helping you manage the gaps in your schedule.

4. Upgrades are Automatic

Once you start depending on data science, you can stop worrying about upgrades. You can take advantage of the consumer data available online via social media platforms, online forums, etc. ML algorithms allow you to utilize the data pool while unveiling insights that are important. These insights mainly focus on customer interaction with an app. It would help you understand the features that your customers like. Likewise, there would be certain features that your people might not like.

It will also give you insights into what has to be changed. ML algorithms are capable of learning all the essentials from emerging patterns and behaviors – which will push version upgrades as and when needed.

5. Software Development

Software development

Now, this is something where you can play the most to get the best – a software development programmer is responsible for what would be listed on the app’s menu. This decision is taken on the basis of the users’ requirements. With data science, data is generated from similar apps and you would get suggestions on what the users opt for more often.

This would help you to customize your settings based on your people’s preferences.


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