17Nov 2015

Effective Ways of Building Online Brand Awareness

In the hyper competitive and digital age we live in, it has become essential of brands to creates its presence online and bring on the impact to its targeted audience. Today consumers lean on researching about a brand/product/service online before they make a purchase, both online and offline. It has therefore become inevitable to respond to this change of consumer behavior by building online visibility and connecting with the customers directly

Online branding is all about capturing your audience’s attention. Let’s look into some of the key factors to keep in mind for propagating and establishing an authentic and successful online brand reputation.

Consistent Branding

It’s common of businesses to use various marketing channels to promote its brand. It is important to follow a consistent branding strategy across all of them to reinforce the brand and create a cohesive experience. Your audience must be able to perceive a defined way of recognition and relate that with your brand.


Your website is your online store front, the ultimate destination of every marketing strategy. What is its visibility status over the search engines? How powerful, convincing, interactive and communicable is your website? Is it able to reinforce your brand? From visibility to visual representation, every element of the website must be subject to careful detailing for a successful online branding.


Blogging helps establish your brand’s authenticity and credibility. Regular and consistent blogging helps increase your brand visibility on the search engines, increase its reach, improve traffic, enable brand interaction with customers etc. Blogging is also key to establishing relationships with other influencers in the industry.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content is of utmost importance in online marketing strategy. Distribution of quality content could take the form of blogs, guest blogs, articles, press releases etc. It helps improve online visibility and build online brand reputation.

Social Media

If you are looking out to connect with your customers personally, build loyalty and retention, there is no better solution than what social media has to offer. Online marketing without a social media strategy is like the boat without a rudder. People are increasingly coming to find, research, decide and purchase with the help of social media. Building and managing your social media presence plays a major role in online branding.


Multimedia offers a great platform of brand engagement. Images and videos create interactive content as opposed to textual ones. Pinterest and YouTube are increasingly gaining popularity for sharing images and videos. If you have a brand related video, pictures of product launches etc, host them on images and video sharing websites available on the web. This has immense potential in building credibility and user interaction, promoting your business and driving traffic to your website.

User Generated Content

People are interacting freely on the web. They could be talking of your brand just as well. It’s important to be informed of what your brand is being talked about and where. Apart from the social media websites, it could be the online communities, reviews, blogs etc. Address the brand mentions immediately. If it’s a positive note, thank them. If it’s negative, you could respond depending upon its cause. Users tend to be loyal and trust the brand for paying careful attention to consumer remarks and issues.

Being well planned and consistent in its implementation is the utmost essential factor in keeping everything going right and head towards your goal. Focus on your business vision, be honest to it and concentrate your efforts on building authenticity. Brand awareness is not an overnight job; it takes honest time and effort.

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