17Nov 2015

Efficient Lightbox Libraries for Better Mobile Responsiveness

Considered as a technical brilliance, it is known as a famous method to cover images on the web world. As the user happens to click on a concerned image, the lightbox will happen to pop out with a specialized animation and the background gets lightened. This will allow the user or designer to have complete focus on the image only and not get distracted by the background. Generally speaking, the image used in this context is larger than the normal ones. Previously, this process for restrictive to desktops and the absence of mobile responsiveness was a little out of the block. But, as the trend changes happen, the undermentioned lightbox libraries should be considered in terms of mobile responsiveness.

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Photo Swipe:

As an essential lightbox plugin, Photo Swipe is light in use and helps changing images without difficulty. It is also touch-enabled and modular in nature. In this way, the user is able to discard some part of the image that are not required. Being a technical brilliance, Photo Swipe is the most effective lightbox library part that helps in managing images efficiently. What adds value to this plugin is that it performs remarkably in the mobile browser platform. This process is empowered to allow swiping of images in a native application for best results. Moreover, it is compatible with IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and various types of mobile based browsers.

Photo Swipe Library

Magnific Pop Up:

Conceptualized by Dmitry Semenov, it is the other lightbox plugin available in the form of Zepto as well as JQuery pulgin. As a better option that Photo Swipe, it is featured with the support for Video, Ajax content and even Maps. It is the most favored choice for those people, who wants an advanced version to deal with image and video management. On the browser compatibility front, this plugin is efficiently operative on IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and also Opera. This plugin is the perfect example of technical advancement for better functionality.

Magnific Pop Up Library

Swipe Box:

Empowered with a JQuery plugin, Swipe Box is beautified by a touch sign support process to suit the mobile platform. Along with this, Swipe Box is also accentuated towards supporting videos from YouTube and Vimeo; besides exquisite images. An excellent aspect of this plugin is its easy implementation and allows customization of its certain features. Being a technical masterpiece, it is developed to be highly operational on IE9+, IOS4+, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even Windows Phone. Dealing with images and videos was never so easy as it is now with Swipe Box for mobile phones.

Swipe Box Library


Being an efficient JQuery lightbox based plugin, iLightbox is empowered with an extensive range of supportive media formats like that of Video, Flash, IFrame, Ajax content and also Maps. Along with these superb features, this plugin also includes social media button on the top of the respective media format. This process enables users to share their media formats to Facebook, Twitter, Reditt and few of the Social Media platforms. Certainly, its advanced version is capable enough to be applied in different formats. As per the compatibility factor goes, it happens to support IE7+, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari.

iLightbox Library

Nivo Lightbox:

Making changes to the appearance of images and videos as per need is the best thing users can do on their mobile platform. Nivo Lightbox is a flexible lightbox plugin that allows people to alter the theme, give transition effect and even switch away the navigation process. Being compatible with IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Opera, this box is empowered to stylize things. It is a technical advantage that allows users to manage their images and transform them into exquisite pieces.

Nivo Lightbox Library

Image Lightbox:

Meant strictly for the images, this Lightbox plugin is available without a bloat. Developed especially for the images, it does not support video or any other form of media. Moreover, it does not require any type of extraneous HTML language; rather, a plain <img> tag is enough to highlight it. The Image Lightbox is compatible with IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and also Opera. The main task is to improvise on the quality of the image and help people in getting better image.

Light Case:

Light case is a tremendously advanced lightbox plugin. It is available with numerous animations that utilizes user interface coming alive such as elastic zoom, fade and scrolling. Additionally, it also crafted to maintain different forms of media counting to Youtube entrench, SWF, HTML videos and input forms. The plugin also accurately manages media cannot be accessed or locating mistakes. It is empowered to support IE9+, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Firefox.


Also called as “Yet Another Light Box”, it is available with certain APIs calling for customized events that happens to enable users for identifying light box states on being opened and closed. Generally, this light box is present in the market in two versions such as Javascript and JQuery Plugin. Transforming events or information to effective use is the best par t of this plugin. It is compatible to perform effectively with IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

YALB Library

Feather Light:

The Feather light with 6kb space is a uncovered plugin for savoir-faire developer and makes use of specified essentials. In order to assemble image lightbox in a gallery, the users are allowed to comprise the gallery extension. One can also expand their own expansion for this plugin to get accustomed to the project requirements. As a part of technical advancement, it is developed to stay compatible with IE8+, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari.

Light Layer:

Being an easy to use the light box plugin, it is a technically advanced development for exercising control over images, content, video and many other aspects of mobile responsive websites. It is laced with exclusive options based on customized Javascript methods and even external content. Moreover, it is compatible with IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. As the technology is advancing to a phase that requires extensive control over web designing for mobiles, taking note of changes and adapting them to bring out excellent results will surely help.

The world of mobile web designing is gaining pace. It is witnessing constant changes for betterment. This mandates for using plugins from light libraries to give sharper effects to the images and even control the videos with other media options for high quality presentation. This is the reason that demands for designing experts, who possess exclusive knowledge on the detailing and using them to perfect for excellent results. In this regard, keeping track of the technical changes is mandatory for them.

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