17Nov 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why You Can’t ignore Responsive Web Design Trends

The future of web design is here – One Code+ One URL for several devices and easy bridging content. Companies today prefer to be seen and found everywhere. Right from tablet to desktop, Smartphone to eBooks, you need a viable web presence for you. Sounds a little costly, but not if you are aware of latest Responsive web design trends! In 2013, more and more people switched to website browsing through mobile devices rather than desktop computer and the count seems to multiply in the coming years.

The top 5 reasons why you can’t ignore Responsive Web Design Trends are mentioned below:

1. As per the sources, Mobile accounts for almost 17.4% of aggregate web traffic. The Smartphone had already covered a big portion of internet.

2. Mobile is multiplied 8 times faster in comparison to PC web. There has been a drastic growth in the potential of Smartphone. Even Google strongly recommended the use of Responsive web design as it is the best practice for Smartphone optimized websites. These sites boast of one URL and single HTML. Google finds it easy to index the content of your site. It eventually marks your appeal on the all platforms.

But the above two reasons don’t account for a big difference between responsive sites and apps. Both apps and responsive sites have been a major support in the increment of mobile internet traffic.

3. Responsive sites have lesser entry barriers in comparison to apps. The entry barrier can apply to both business owners and end users. A responsive site doesn’t require any user commitment of downloading the application. Another thing responsive deigning is not a trivial task. As one design can be implemented on multiple devices without transferring the program to a different OS. Responsive sites offer a more seamless experience in between device

4. It is not that users don’t use desktop, the user just prefers to be connected constantly. Though the golden era of laptop and desktops seems to come to an end, but it is not the case. There are still places like office and school where they are being used. And as per a source, 90% of US use multiple screens every day. Several sites don’t open on mobile phones, but with a responsive website design you can simultaneously switch between devices and do multi-tasking at every point of time.

5. More revenue to catch up with Responsive website usage. With the efficient mobile usage and creative websites, there is a guaranteed return on investment for companies. The responsive web design takes your business high and provides fruitful means for expansion with larger audiences. As your site gets more surfing devices and a better interface, it gets more audience and eventually your ROI increases.

Thus, current responsive web design trends will create an impact in the coming years. More and more companies are switching to this inventive and productive web designing and developing strategy to give their brand, product or company a wider audience. The target audience finds a better user interface and easy navigation technique on all devices more appealing and good.

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