17Nov 2015

6 Tips for Brand Building with Web Design

Interestingly, companies and brands reward customers to keep their customers returning. While this is one of the oldest means practiced by brands to allure customers, now you can also add value to your brand and create customer loyalty through your site. The trick still remains the same to know what value means to your consumers.

Companies usually focus on;

  • Increasing consumer retention
  • Finding out what value means to consumers, not to you

Adding value to your brand is staying relevant in the minds of your customers. It allows you to connect with what they value an what you do, so your message reaches them enthusiastically

Here are 6 tips regarding how a website adds value to your brand:

These tips have an instant impact on adding true value to your brand in the right possible way:

1. Aesthetic appeal of the website

Make your website attractive, appealing with beautiful layouts which suit your products and service. Going for bright and flashy layouts will remove the interest of the visitors from your site and make your site fake. As the first impression of the look and feel of the site has a great influence in retaining the visitor on the site, the design appeal is really important.

2. Be ahead of your consumer needs:

Equip your website with the features which helps you to be in constant touch with you’re a-level consumers, make a good relation and keep a check on their issues. Set up discussion forums, product review option etc to the site. Read all reviews to know what your customers actually feel about you. Keep a feedback tab on your site to know the real feedbacks of your consumers.

3. Improve User Experience:

Making the interface of your site communicating is also important. With easy navigation, consumers feel privileged and welcomed. With a sitemap, your customers know which way to go and how to navigate for their needs. For instance, if it’s a departmental store, then keeping separate tabs for clothes, footwear, and accessories will help the customers shop more conveniently, thereby adding value to your brand.

4. Be visible in the eyes of your customers:

Ensure that your customers are aware of your value constantly. Providing them an updated variant of your services and products, tagging them for free services are a great way of serving them and informing them that you value them. Create a blog and send frequent newsletters, to be in constant touch with your existing customers. Convince them that you endeavour to make their life happier easier and better Try to find out what your competitions are up to and offer your customers more.

5. Reward or loyaltyProgrammes:

For regular shoppers, you can add a reward program. Issue gift certificates, discounts and deals to new customers as the focus is to display the brand value to the new visitors and build a good relationship extending it to customer lifetime value. Thus, adding incentives for present customers and new visitors will surely add value to your brand. So, keep a separate tab of offers and discounts for customers on your site.

6. Link your website to social media networking sites.

It helps in great popularity and brand building of your site. Allow the users the option to share and comment on the products or pages of your site. Give the option to login via Social media accounts. Also, connect through social media and link all to your website so that your visitors and customers see your growth globally.

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