26May 2021

Revolution of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

We are all familiar with artificial intelligence (AI). Most of us are implementing it in our day-to-day processes to offer our clients with better user experience. It is getting interesting on a daily basis as it offers a variety of benefits. We can see AI in almost every other field, starting from smart homes, e-learning to e-commerce.

We have seen the influence of AI across major fields of industry domains like AI in web design, AI in content marketing, etc. The application of artificial intelligence in the e-commerce industry is yet to be explored. The way AI has touched every aspect of life has changed. Everywhere, we can see a touch of AI.

We have machines helping us in ways that are beyond imagination. The best part of implementing AI is that they help with speeding up the tasks better than the way humans can work on it. Machines have gone a long way in helping us accomplish tasks that might take longer time and effort if humans were to work on those.

In fact, these days, we can see industries and certain organizations implementing machines to take care of mundane tasks to focus their energies on doing other tasks that need human attention more than anything else.

We are looking to create a scenario where businesses can cater to their customers round-the-clock. This would be more beneficial from a sales perspective. This is where AI comes in the e-commerce picture. It will help companies to collect and investigate data in real-time, which facilitates more efficient and gears up their competence in business.

Ultimately, the aim is to provide customers with a tailor-made experience that will provide them with ease of using everything that they want based on their preference.

Creating a Search that is Customer-Centric

One of the most common issues that an e-commerce business has been facing most frequently is that of customers leaving the search on their websites or apps in the middle. This happens when customers are unable to find relevant or related product results. This usually happens to demotivate them from buying, finally leading them to disregard their search for what they were here for.

With AI, your customers get a better idea to deal with such situations. Natural language processing is a sub-field of AI, which helps to narrow, contextualize and improve the results for online shoppers. And by utilizing the power of machine learning, which is again another sub-field of AI, websites and apps can be showcased with visual search elements. This mainly helps the machines in viewing the search elements just as customers can.

This is how the machines can design and develop customer-centric experiences by implementing advanced images and video recognition technologies. When you apply machine learning, a similar visual search software element, which can help to empower businesses to design and develop customer-centric experiences. This can be implemented by using advanced image and VR technologies.

With machine learning, it is possible to implement the same visual search software that will help to automatically tag, organize and search content by tagging the image or video traits.

Detecting Target Prospects

Detecting target prospects ecommerce

 With AI technologies, you can provide your e-commerce business with lead generation abilities through timely intelligence. It is possible to introduce predictive marketing when using AI solution for marketing, sales, and CRM. One of the best illustrations of this is Getty Images, which has implemented a similar kind of solution to generate significant leads by collecting data, which will allow business websites to display images from Getty’s competitors.

Using the AI solution, Getty was able to detect high-quality prospects, which helped it to attract new and better business. Later, it also used AI to help its publishers to allow recommendations for a customizable filter for best images and implement a self-improving algorithm that knows and can learn how to help an editor choose an image and then optimize its performance in the meantime.

Creating a Better Sales Process

We no more do the cold calling, which is a thing of the past. Let us get rid of the old and outdated sales techniques and replace these with brand new ones. These days, customers are easily attracted by a number of different channels, including TV ads and social media posts. Learn more about the latest social media trends.

When a sales campaign is able to deliver conversions, it is able to succeed. But you can never find out whether the intended message has been delivered to the right customer or prospect at the right time via the right platform. Most online businesses have been stuck with this. 

However, AI could be a solution to this.

When you integrate the natural language processing with voice input capabilities into your CRM, it will allow the system to respond to customer queries, solve their problems and even find sales opportunities for the sales team.

Improving Recommendations for Customers

Improving recommendations for customers

With this, AI can smartly and efficiently scan a lot of data. This will help to assume customer behavior with ease along with offering relevant recommendations for each consumer. With such a level of customization, an e-commerce store can have a number of sales opportunities. This will help to deliver a personalized experience when they shop.

Some companies are applying AI to analyze the data that has been gathered from customers to deliver them. They have algorithms that are based on a variety of inputs, including customer preferences, browsing patterns, account info, contextual info and even third-party data. Several e-commerce corporates, such as eBay, Amazon, and Netflix are using such an AI-based recommendation feature to pull consumer.

Virtual Shoppers

With AI, e-commerce companies can now create shopper that will assist your customers online. This is similar to a physical store in real-time that will help customers to directly connect with people and engage them directly with a shop assistant. But in e-commerce stores, we can observe that customers are forced to browse through the categories, enter keywords in a search box, while also they can apply filters. However, this can be annoying for customers. This is where AI comes into the picture, which makes it interesting for creating a shopper that will help customers to shop online.


Chatbot in ecommerce

An e-commerce site offers 24/7 (round-the-clock) support. This is further fuelled by chatbots. In the traditional old days, chatbots used to reply to consumers. But now, this has changed. It transforms into intelligent beings, which will help them to understand all kinds of issues, which the visitors might have to deal with.

Many online shopping sites implement chatbots that will help people to make decisions. You will find that apps, such as Facebook Messenger are already having chatbots through potential customers that will help communicate with the vendor site. This will provide them with assistance through the buying process. Such bots communicate using speech or text or both.


Human resource is the base of CRM years back. A lot of effort is implemented to collect and evaluate data in order to offer great services to the clients. AI can move through large volumes of data that will help to predict which of the clients will make a buying decision. These efforts will help to secure this interaction.

CRM indicates buying trends that will help to direct actions in the right way. By introducing advanced CRM solutions, predictions are getting made with great accuracy. This will help the sales team to focus on creating long-lasting connections with customers.

There is no more the need for sales representatives without the need of examining or tracking the numbers. It is possible to focus on their revenue goals.

Internet of Things

Internet of things

Internet of things helps to offer connectivity in all phases of needs.

In order to sync this with various devices to programming any of your devices, lights and even household appliances and even other machines, you can use IoT. IoT has a lot of impact on everything in people’s lives. It helps to monitor everything, including the city’s traffic lights and even quality of air.

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