31Aug 2023

eCommerce SEO: Top Strategies to Drive More Organic Traffic

Your website, regardless of why you have it here – be it an e-commerce or regular website, one of the most important aspects in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps in increasing the traffic to a site, bringing in a lot of potential prospects for your business. Your site gets more visibility online than through any other means of increasing visibility. According to certain studies, the top five results in the SERPs’ first page acquires the maximum number of clicks. This means that if you optimize your web page for the best keyword, it will rank higher in the SERP. This will bring in more organic traffic, helping people find you when they need your product or service the most.

So how can you improve the SEO of your e-commerce site? We will help you with that in this article.

Content: Keep it Simple and Clear

ecommerce site content optimization

Communication is one of the most important points. If you mess it up, everything gets complicated. SEO and content are closely related. Many a time, it happens that people write impressive content. But then, they mess it all up by placing keywords everywhere. This is a concern when the crawlers start finding them.

When you have stuffed in a lot of keywords into your content, there are chances that you might even get blacklisted. The purpose is to produce content that is informational and help solve the queries and concerns of the consumers. So when you create content that is really informational, rather than stuffing it with too many keywords, you are working toward giving your people what they need. It is the humans that you are writing for, remember? And not the machines. So it is important that you keep your text simple and clear.

What happens is that the meanings of the terms used in your text would be analyzed by Google and then they would be featured within the keyword analysis. You can always use synonyms for a particular text, rather than repeating it too many times. Also, it’s important to use the right grammar, so your audience can enjoy what you wrote. Using good prepositional phrases can also make your content more interesting, which improves the quality of your website.

Do You Have Any Programs in Place?

One such program that you could use for your e-commerce shop could be the referral marketing program. It has worked for many and it is surely going to work for you as well. Many of the consumers cite that they have made certain purchase decisions based on recommendations (from friends or dear ones). When we say referral programs, it needs to be something in-depth. Just like with the content, referrals (recommendations) can be kept simple.

Also, make sure that you are showcasing the reviews and recommendations from your customers for others to see. This will be a great push for your brand going forward. It might not need you to put in a lot of effort. Just some small changes at the front-end and you are set to go. Many businesses have gained a lot of new customers and have grown their user base in no time – thanks to the referral programs they have in place.

Have You Considered the Link Building?

link building for ecommerce website

One of the important strategies that you should consider for your site is internal link building and make sure these are optimized well for search engines. When you build your site, it is important that you include internal links to information within your site’s other pages. This would signal Google’s crawlers about how each page is linked to the other. Make sure that is nothing non-organic about the links that you’re including. It is important to check whether you’re adding links just for the sake of it. Rather make sure that the links you are including connect and resonate well with the other.

For instance, you’re creating a blog for your food recipe, then you could include a link to one of the pages in a related section under a related product. It is important that whatever you’re trying to link is connected and relevant to the other. That is the main aspect of any internal linking.

Time to Think Out of the Box

A number of e-commerce stores are taking advantage of out-of-the-box ideas. One of these is upselling. Though some people argue that it might not be as good as you think, it still is a great idea. Sources say that upselling has the ability to attract more than 3.5% of sales on average from your existing customer base. Though the percentage is less, in the long run, all the bits and pieces can be added up for the greater benefit. Many of the bigwigs have already tested upselling and benefitted from it – by a greater percentage.

Is It Cross-device Compatible?

ecommerce website cross device compatibilty

This is one of the main points to take into consideration when you are optimizing your e-commerce store. Mobile-first is the norm today. Most of the searches come from mobile devices. A couple of years back, Google announced how much it was laying emphasis on a site’s status of whether it is mobile-optimized or not.

A number of people are using mobile devices to make their searches. So it is important that you ensure your e-commerce store is optimized for the search engines as well. You need to include call-to-action buttons that are clear and precise and would allow users to check out with ease.

Have You Included Relevant Keywords?

We had discussed including keywords in the content. Yes, it is important to include keywords in your content. But we do not overstuff keywords in the content. Why include keywords?

When a user reaches the search engine, they always type in search queries into the search field, such that the search engines can find what they’re looking for. The search engines look for relevant results and help the users find what they want. We discussed that your content should not be overstuffed with keywords. However, it is necessary that your keywords be used in the content in such a way that the crawlers can realize and understand that you have content that is relevant to your search. Where do you include keywords: meta descriptions, within images (alt-text) and in the H1 or title tag as well.

Do You Have a Voice Search Option?

voice search in ecommerce site

Voice search is on the rise. So don’t tell us that you haven’t implemented it yet!

If you haven’t, do it today. A huge volume of search queries on mobile is mainly voice queries. So it is important that your business is also encouraging this trend. These queries are bigger than text. You will find that these are in the form of a casual question.

So when you are optimizing content for voice search, it is important that your business thinks about it on lines – like how the customer is going to ask the question while searching for related products and services. You need to create content that would answer these queries.

The Speed of Your Website

When was the last time that you checked your site’s speed? This is one of the major aspects of SEO. If your site is not well-optimized for speed, chances are that it would take longer to load, making it difficult for visitors to look for what they want. In such cases, more than 75% of people happen to leave the site and they never return.

Conduct a site speed test and check whether it complies with the standard. If not, you are in trouble.

Include Proof – Increase Brand Recognition

increase ecommerce brand recognition

Customer testimonials and reviews take a long way in helping your business reach the next level. More than 85% of customers have their search decisions influenced by someone they know, while more than 50% of people tend to trust the word of strangers.

So it is important that you give them proof for what they want before they choose you.

Do You Have Any Broken Links?

This is one of the other main points. Make sure that you’ve fixed all broken links. When people click on links and if those take them to Error 404, it is annoying.

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your site’s success. When it comes to e-commerce sites, it is important that they get found when people are searching for the site. Unless your site gets found over search engines, there is the least possibility that it would rank on the search engines. And if it doesn’t rank over search engines, it won’t be able to draw traffic, which means it would never be able to drive customers. This would affect sales.

Over time, such sites get pushed to the bottom of the search engine results pages. And at some point in time, it would be totally removed from the search results. This would adversely affect your business. Why mess with your business when you could’ve easily fixed it up with ease.

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